Our Vision

Revive is a dynamic and vibrant church making an impact in people’s lives and our communities through our love for Jesus! We are dedicated to delivering timeless truths based on God’s Word, while ushering people into His presence through inspired praise and worship. At Revive Church, we seek to unify the body of Christ by embracing diversity. No matter our history, circumstances, or goals; we are all human and we all need love and acceptance! This is why the church exists—and why you belong!

Experience God

At Revive Church, we seek to unify the body of Christ by embracing diversity just as Jesus did.

This is a place to belong! We exist to help you exist. It is our priority to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and loved. But it is our mission to show you who Jesus is and truly encounter God.

Services at Revive Church are all about Jesus! No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, there is something here for you! From toddlers to grandparents this is a safe place for those you love to grow in the Lord.

The goal of each Celebration service is to walk out feeling refreshed, touched, and filled with a new confidence that can only come from an experience with God!

Celebrate Life

At Revive Church, we celebrate through worship and building relationships!

We believe that worship is important! When we come to know Christ, we find that we want to give Jesus our praise! This is not out of obligation but out of thanksgiving!

The building of relationships is what happens when believers gather in one place! We expect hearts to be healed and hope to be restored!

Life means you are moving and growing! Growing as a Christian, is becoming a disciple. Discipleship comes in many forms.

We are building community around 3 ideas.

  1. Small Groups

  2. Students/Children

  3. Outreach/Missions

Love People

At Revive Church, people are our ministry! And we love people through our ministry!

Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:34)

At Revive Church, we believe that loving people is serving people! Once you love God and love others, you will want to use your gifts and talents for God. This includes carrying hope and the message of Christ to our neighbors and those overseas.